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This gentleman's spirit team have consistently demonstrated visual phenomena similar in appearance to a plasma ball.  This initially appeared around, or as part of, his head and torso and more currently appears further extended.
Note: The electrode at the centre of a gas-filled plasma ball emits a high-frequency high-voltage electric current.  The gases used within the sphere are usually either neon, argon, xenon or krypton...all of which may be found in minute quantities within the earths atmosphere. Are spirit scientists able to manipulate such natural resources?
In February of this year, after sitting within clear lighting conditions (we had been sitting in a mixed blend of red and dimmed pink/white at the time) it was noticed that the mediums face felt hot to the touch and appeared red, as if slapped. 
The following week this same condition was apparent and as a result we have subsequently decided to work only in dimmed red light.  This decision has been made with consideration that ectoplasm might be being utilised.  Ectoplasm is a physical substance that may cause harm (heat burns) to the medium if over-exposed to the light.
It seems a realistic consideration that the spirit team might be developing their own light form to illuminate substance-based structures...but this is currently simply a potential path...we cannot know or assume anything!

An Experiment:
Andy's board meeting

Note: Due to the changing demands of life in this physical world this mediums dedicated sittings have become suspended for the time being.  He is continuing to sit in support of others and is a valuable part of the Lodge circle.

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